Health Economics
for Better Healthcare

Health economics consulting and technical support for healthcare providers, healthcare payers and international organisations.

Health Economics Analyses that Convince the Decision-Makers

Health economics assessments that help you to advocate for your programme or needed policy changes.

Complete Health Economics Services

Everything you need for carrying out health economics analyses – from an idea to results.

  • Design: We advise you on which health economics study is most suited for your situation and objectives.
  • Plan: We help you plan the assessment with realistic timelines and deliverables.
  • Implement: We manage and carry out the health economics analysis for you.
  • Report: We write short to the point investment cases that have proven to be effective in convincing the decision-makers.
  • Present: When needed, we present the finding and recommendation to your policymakers.

Health Economics Consulting for Healthcare Providers and Payers

We help managers use health economics to advocate for their programmes or the needed policy changes effectively. We help healthcare policymakers to make more informed decisions by predicting clinical and financial consequences of their decision alternatives in advance. We have provided health economics consulting services for healthcare providers, financier and international organizations on a wide range of healthcare interventions in over 25 countries since 2007.

Health Economics Support for Programme Managers

Health economics are an effective tool for you to convince decision-makers on the benefits and funding needs of your healthcare programme or policy change that you are promoting.

We help you to choose, plan and implement health economics analyses, that are 1) feasible in your situation, 2) most suited for advocacy of your programme or plans, and 3) provide healthcare policymakers with convincing information that they need for making informed decisions. Would you like to discuss how we could help you? Contact us and we’ll schedule a call with you. 

Health Economics

Use health economics analyses to make informed decisions. Strategic advice for policymakers and programme managers. Cost analyses, budget impact forecasts and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Select the right methods for your situation

We conduct health economics studies for you

Make sustainable healthcare financing decisions

Choose cost-effective healthcare services

Investment Cases for Healthcare

Your new programme or policy change needs to compete with other competing healthcare priorities. Healthcare decision-makers are bombarded with requests.

Our proven investment cases help you to convince them by 1) highlighting the clinical benefits, 2) demonstrating the investment needed, and 3) predicting the resulting cost savings.  

Investment cases for healthcare policymaking

Investment cases
for Healthcare

An investment case helps you to convince decision-makers of the benefits and the importance of funding your programme or new policy.

Convince decision-makers

Highlight the clinical benefits

Demonstrate the investment needed

Get funding for your programme

Health Economics Analyses for Informed Policy Decisions

Most healthcare policy decisions are made with incomplete information. Real-world health- and cost consequences are simply not known when the decisions are made. Health economics is a powerful tool for making informed healthcare policy decisions.

We help you to choose a health economics analysis that suits your situation. We forecast the mid-term consequences of your decision alternatives and give you clear strategic recommendations on the best course of action. 

Hire a Health Economist Freelancer

Finding a health economist can be difficult and time-consuming. You can hire an experienced health economist consultant for your project through our network of freelance health economists.

We advise you on the design of your health economics project and the needed health economics expertise. Importantly, we find a suitable health economist contractor for you. Getting started with your health economics project is made easy for you.

Our Services

Health Economics Analyses

Health economics for informed decisions. Cost analyses, budget impact- and cost-effectiveness analyses. Strategic advice for decision-makers. 

Healthcare Financing

Plan and implement healthcare services that are cost-effective and sustainable. Assess the benefits and financial consequences beforehand.

Investment Cases
for Healthcare

Convince the decision-makers. Get funding for your programme. Our investment cases help you to demonstrate the benefits and the funding needed.

Find a Freelancer
Health Economist

Hire an experienced freelancer health economist for your project through Qalys Health Economics. Get your health economics project started.


Health economics consulting and healthcare financing advice for the World Health Organization, the WHO.jpeg
Health economics consulting and investment cases for the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss TPH
Health economics analyses of sexual and reproductive health SHR programmes of the UNFPA, health economist Dr Jari Kempers
Health economist evaluator for the European Commission, EU - Qalys Health Economics.jpeg
Health economist consultant Jari Kempers PhD for UNICEF
Health economics analyses for sexual and reproductive health SHR programmes of the UNFPA, health economist Dr Jari Kempers
Health economist consultant on workplace healthcare programmes for the International Labour Organization, ILO
Health economics consulting on school-based sexuality education programmes for UNESCO

About US

Health economics consulting, Qalys Health Economics, Dr Jari Kempers health economist PhD

Qalys Health Economics

A consulting company helping healthcare providers, healthcare payers and international organizations to choose, plan and implement cost-effective healthcare services since 2007.  

Health economist (PhD), Dr Jari Kempers

Dr Jari Kempers

A senior health economist (PhD) and the founder of Qalys Health Economics. Providing technical assistance and strategic advice to healthcare decision-makers on health economics and health financing topics.  


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