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Qalys Health Economics

Qalys Health Economics is a consulting company specialised in health economics. Qalys Health Economics was founded by Dr Jari Kempers in 2007.  We help healthcare providers and payers to choose, plan and implement cost-effective healthcare policies.

We work mainly through international non-governmental organizations and institutes. We have carried out health economics studies and provided strategic advice on a wide range of healthcare interventions in over 25 countries. We work with a pool of freelance health economists and can help you to find health economics expertise for your project.

Health economics consulting, Qalys Health Economics, Dr Jari Kempers health economist PhD
Qalys Health Economics is a consulting company specialised in health economics.
Health economist (PhD), Dr Jari Kempers
Dr Jari Kempers, Health Economist, PhD.

Dr Jari Kempers

Health Economist, PhD

As a Senior Health Economist PhD consultant, I help healthcare policymakers to make better decisions. I provide technical assistance and strategic advice on a range of health economics and health financing topics.

I founded Qalys Health Economics in 2007, to assist healthcare providers, Ministries of Health and healthcare financiers in the middle- and low-income countries. We mainly work through and with international non-governmental organizations and institutes.

✦ Key Clients

WHO | UNFPA | UNICEF | UNESCO | ILO | EU | Swiss TPH | SDC | Various Ministries of Health | Health Insurance Funds | Local Healthcare Organisations and NGOs | Pharmaceutical-, medical device- and diagnostic companies.

⚐ Country Focus

Worked in >25 countries | North-West Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Portugal | South-East Europe: Moldova, Albania and Turkey | The former Soviet Union (FSU): Estonia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia |  Asia: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea | Africa: Kenya, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria.

Health Economics Projects

Cost Analyses | Cost-effectiveness Analyses | Cost-benefit Analyses | Budget Impact Analyses | Scale-up Forecasts | Health Economics Modelling | Health Insurance Benefit Package Design | Performance-based Financing (PBF) | Programme and Proposal Evaluations.

Healthcare Topics

We have continued to expand our knowledge and understanding of the application of health economics in healthcare policymaking.

Areas of expertise: Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) | Family Planning | Youth Friendly SRH services | Sexuality Education | HIV/AIDS | Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) | Hypertension | Behaviour Change Interventions | Cancer Screening and Treatment | Medical Education | Vaccinations | Generic Medicines.

★ Key Successes

  • Recognised for consistently delivering relevant policy advice and high-level technical support across all projects.
  • Continually advanced experience and knowledge on health economics and health financing, and their application in healthcare policymaking.
  • Served as an effective conduit between key stakeholders and technical teams, translated complex topics into simplified concepts and actionable policy recommendations.
  • Recognised as a highly effective and engaging leader by strategically managing international and multidisciplinary project teams of up to 20 experts.

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