Health Economics Analyses

Health Economics Evaluations for Informed Policymaking

Most healthcare policy decisions are made with incomplete information. Real-world health and cost consequences are not known when the decisions are made. Health economics is a powerful tool for predicting the impact and making more informed healthcare policy decisions.

Health economics analysis for your situation

We conduct costing studies, scale-up forecasts, budget impact analyses, cost-benefit analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses. We help you to choose the analysis that is most suited for your situation and objectives.

Cost-benefit Analyses, Budget Impact Analyses and Costing Studies for Informed Healthcare Policy Decisions
Health economics analyses and strategic advice for healthcare policymaking: Cost analyses, budget impact studies, cost-benefit analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Health Economics Analyses for Healthcare Planning

Planning sustainable healthcare

How much is needed for the implementation of a new policy or programme? Can your healthcare system afford it in the long run? We help you to answer these questions before you make the decisions. We carry out cost analyses of your plans before you commit to implementing them.

Choosing cost-effective healthcare services

Healthcare resources are limited. It is important to allocate these to services that are cost-effective, but which services should you choose? We conduct cost-benefit analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses to include health economics aspects into your decision-making process. 

Scaling up pilots to national programmes

Scale-up forecasts are especially useful when making choices about whether a promising pilot should be scaled up nationally. The scale-up forecasts help policymakers plan for a realistic roll-out of the coverage, estimate the resources needed for the scale-up and predict health outcome improvements. This information helps you to make informed decisions on whether a pilot should be scaled up. Many of our investment cases include a scale-up forecast component.

Transition from external support to national funding 

What happens when external funding ends? Are you preparing for it? Often the gained improvements are lost when the donor funding ends. Understandably, the national resources are limited, but often these collapses are caused by the lack of planning from both sides; the donor and authorities. We help you to plan for a realistic and gradual transition from external support to national funding.

Advice for Decisionmakers – Who are not Health Economists 

Most healthcare decision-makers are not health economists. Yet, many health economics advisory reports are not written for them. Further, the role of health economics specialists is to focus on the details. However, as a result, many health economics reports are lengthy and filled with unnecessary analyses, which have little or no relevance to high-level decisions. At the same time, these technical reports tend to “shy away” from making clear recommendations for policymakers.

We write short to the point investment cases, which are written for specific decision-makers. We focus on producing clear information and recommendations for policymakers. Read more about the investment cases here.

Strategic health economic advice for healthcare policymaking
Strategic health economics advice for healthcare policymakers, who are not health economists.

The numbers combined with advice that bring clarity to healthcare decision-making.

Strategic recommendations 

We help you to choose and implement a health economics analysis that suits your situation and objectives. We conduct the analysis and provide you with a short investment case, which

  1. Forecasts the mid-term consequences; health outcomes and financial, of your decision alternatives.
  2. Is written for non-health economist decision-makers.
  3. Gives you clear strategic recommendations on the best course of action from a health economics point of view.

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