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Are you trying to find a health economist for your project?

Do you need to conduct a health economics analysis, but you don’t have anyone who can do it for you? Finding a health economist can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Are you busy and the deadline for your health economics project is approaching fast? Your job ads or expression of interest are not attracting health economists. You spend hours reviewing outdated CVs and sending LinkedIn messages. You even get some responses, but experienced health economists are fully booked or unwilling to commit to your project. This gets frustrating, and you start to consider postponing or even cancelling the health economics part of your project.

We have health economist freelancers for your project.

Getting started with your health economics project is made easy for you

You can hire an experienced health economist freelancer for your project through Qalys Health Economics.

How does it work?

1. Design of your project

We start with a call to discuss your plans and objectives. We help you to choose health economics analyses that are most suited for your situation. We also help you to select a project design that is feasible with the available data and time.

2. Expertise and deliverables

We advise you on what kind of health economics expertise you need for your project. We assist you with the planning of the study. We also help you to define clear and realistic deliverables and timelines for your health economics project.

3. Health economist

We find a health economist freelancer through our network for you. We select a health economist contractor who is qualified and available for your project. You get a CV, and we organise an introduction call. When you are happy with the candidate, we proceed further with your project.

4. Starting your project

You sign a contract with us and the health economist consultant starts to work on your project. The freelancer is responsible for delivering the work. You may also add a senior health economist to the service to advise the implementation and review the deliverables.

Who is the service for?

The health economist contractor service is for organisations that need a health economist for a project. It is for organisations that can hire a consulting company to carry out the project. The service is not for organisations that can only hire individual consultants or are looking for permanent employees.

Why do we work with freelancers?

We cannot do all health economics assignments by ourselves, and that is why we work with a pool of freelancer health economists contractors. Together with them, we can help our clients to get their projects done. This also enables us to spend more time supporting our clients with our core expertise: strategic advice on how to use health economics to achieve their objectives. 

How do we find freelancer health economists?

We find freelance health economists through EuropeanHealthEconomics.com. It is a specialised job board for health economists, which reaches over 2,000 health economists each month. That is why we have a relatively large CV database of freelance health economists. Dr Jari Kempers is the founder of the job board. 

Are you a freelance health economist?

Are you looking for more freelance work and a steady flow of new projects? Do you have health economics education (MSc or PhD) and at least three years of work experience in conducting health economics studies? Register your CV in our Health Economics Talent Pool.

How do I get started?

Fill in the form below and we schedule a call with you. The first call is free and there are no commitments. We’ll also email you a shortlist of questions, which help us to structure our discussion. We look forward to hearing from you!

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How long does it take to find a health economist?

It depends. For typical projects, we can find you a freelancer within a week. If you need specific disease or country experience, or a senior health economist, this might take longer.

How much does it cost to hire a health economist?

Like with most consulting assignments, your investment depends on the experience of the health economist and the number of workdays needed for your project. During our initial call, we advise you on the level of expertise needed for your project and estimate the budget. 

How many workdays do I need for my project?

Underestimating the workload is one of the most common mistakes when organisations prepare TORs for health economics projects. Data collection for health economics studies is laborious. When the number of days is too low, experienced health economists will pass your project up. We help you to set a realistic number of workdays for your project.

Which deliverables should I include in my project?

Another common mistake that organisations make with health economics TORs is adding unnecessary analyses and deliverables to their plans. Things that do not help with achieving your objectives and will only inflate the budget needed. We advise you on what you should and should not include in your plan. Read more on our investment cases.

When and how do I pay for the work?

You receive an invoice from Qalys Health Economics when the agreed deliverables are completed. Typically, this is at the end of the project. However, with longer projects, the payments are made in instalments after agreed intermediate milestones are reached. 


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