Health Economics Services

Health economics consulting for healthcare providers and payers

We have provided health economics consulting services for healthcare providers, financier and international organizations for over 14 years.

We help programme managers and policymakers to combine the clinical and financial aspect of healthcare for better planning and more informed decision-making. Here is an overview of our services.

Technical health economics strategic advice for healthcare payers and planners

Health Economics

Use health economics analyses to make informed decisions. Strategic advice for policymakers and programme managers. Cost analyses, budget impact forecasts and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Select the right methods for your situation

We conduct health economics studies for you

Make sustainable healthcare financing decisions

Choose cost-effective healthcare services

Use health economics to make better healthcare financing decisions

Better Healthcare
Financing Decisions

Use health economics to make sustainable healthcare financing decisions. Assess the benefits and financial consequences beforehand. Choose policies that the healthcare system can afford in the long run.

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Investment cases for healthcare policymaking

Investment cases
for Healthcare

An investment case helps you to convince decision-makers of the benefits and the importance of funding your programme or new policy.

Convince decision-makers

Highlight the clinical benefits

Demonstrate the investment needed

Get funding for your programme

Find a freelance health economist

Hire a Freelance
Health Economist

Finding an experienced health economist can be difficult and time-consuming. You can hire a freelance health economist for your project through Qalys Health Economics. We help you in the following way:

Advice on design of the health economics analysis

Assess the needed health economics expertise

Find and introduce a suitable health economist

Technical support and review (optional)


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